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It’s hardly a coincidence.

You’re here because you love Rock music. Just so happens, we do as well.

So, what can expect from The Gist? The unexpected, mostly.

We choose the road-less-traveled approach to alert, beguile and entertain the most discerning Rock music enthusiast. The Gist is a constantly-evolving Rock cornucopia.

Unlike other online music platforms, The Gist is not left entirely to the digital whimsy of an uncool and insensitive algorithm.


All music heard on The Gist has been artfully selected by (wait for it), a real live human. Some might consider our practise, ‘old school’.

However, if you find this radical prospect even faintly disturbing, we reassure that, the folk who are driving thegist.net.au are themselves, unrepentant music professionals.

Our credentials include a lifetime of dedication and around a half century spent on-air and in music programming, both for commercial and national public broadcasting entities within Australia and international audiences in the region.

More simply, we’re a not-so-humble cadre of former radio professionals with an unerring passion for Rock music.

We grew up on it, went to the gigs, studied it’s history. We know it. And we respect it, as if it were a sibling.


Far from ignoring traditional radio and other online music platforms, The Gist is reaching discerning Rock music fans with a mix unheard on those alternative formats.

Not only do we dive wilfully into the deeper recesses of Rock’s rich heritage, we’re also not afraid to entertain it’s closest relatives – and sometimes, it’s bastard children.

As well, we’re constantly applying the litmus to new Rock, so we can share with you, the best of what’s out there.


Do we push the envelope? Not so much as we rip it to shreds: Along with a formidable cache of your familiar Rock favourites, you’ll hear some deep album cuts, some, unplayed in years. And the occasional full-length epic from Floyd, Tull, Kraftwerk, Yes, Hendrix, or Zappa might also add some unexpected colour to your evening.

Turn it on. Leave it on. We’re here to make friends.

Download the free Gist app from the Google Play or iTunes stores and take your ‘go-to’ source for Rock wherever you decide to go to.