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Here at The Gist, our ongoing mission is to build and to continually improving what we consider to be the best little radio station on the internet.

It’s being tailor-made for a perfect fit so there’s a little pinching and tucking to be done here and there but we’ll keep you appraised of the changes as we go. Chances are, we may let out the waist a little more, but just to make room for the extra music. Otherwise, so far, so good.

The orchid in the lapel? It’s a ‘Popup Player’ An exotic bloom, exclusively cultured to compliment the mood.

The ties may be a little flashy, even strong, from time to time but like anyone, we also feel the occasion to step out and strut. But it never gets too hip for the room. Note the shirts. Tailored. And the shoes: Oxfords, not brogues. And why not?

You can always rely on the classics.

As always, thanks for listening.

The Gist Team.



The Gist internet radio is a new to market media platform streaming 24/7.

The rise in smart device technology provides consumers of audio new ways to access music, entertainment and companionship.

Our Claim: We play the most comprehensive collection of Album Rock on Australian radio. The deeper cuts that can’t be denied their place in music history

Our Aim: To extend your listening experience beyond the big commercial hits.