The Gist.

Our Claim: we play the most comprehensive collection of album rock on Australian radio. The deeper cuts that can’t be denied their place in music history

Our Aim: To extend your listening experience beyond the big commercial hits.

The rise in smart device technology provides consumers of audio new ways to access music, entertainment and companionship.

The Gist internet radio is a new to market media platform and currently the only commercial internet radio station in Australia. We are on-air and streaming 24/7, playing the most comprehensive collection of hits and album rock on Australian radio. We webcast to a national audience targeting men and women over 45.

The Gist at a glance.

Targeting over 45 yo male and females.

Music format playing the most comprehensive collection hits and album rock on Australian  radio.

Growing national audience.

Streaming 24/7.

Accessible via Apple or Android app, The Gist website, Tune-In Radio and home entertainment applications such as Sonos and Bose.

Thanks for listening to The Gist. We hope you find it to be a professional, and entertaining radio station that fits comfortably into the Australian  radio environment.

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