The Rhyme Report 16th March 2017

16 March 2017 Blues Music Chicago Blues Country Blues Delta Blues Jump Blues Nothin' But The Blues Rhyme Report

Greetings Gisters,

Things have been getting a little rowdy down at Trés Le Parque. Since we began with Nothin’ But The Blues, it’s insinuated itself as the ‘sound’ of Parque life.
Most other residents seem to like it but the ‘actually mysterious’ Vincent van Housen has complained that it disturbs his meditation. But why anyone would be meditating at 3am is beyond me.
Still, the deep forensic research has to be done.

Funny where we can find inspiration, though. Last week I saw Brandon, The Gist Music Director, in the music library. He was digging out some rare gems for me to play in the night show. He said, “Hi Gideon. What’s shakin’?” Quick as a flash, I replied with a song title – a language he understands, fluently. “Nothin’ Shakin’ But The Leaves On The Trees!” He pointed at me with a smile and said, “Eddie Fontaine! 1958!”
Strange cat.

Anyhoo, that exchange soon had me thinkin’ about a favourite Blues song called, “Shake ‘Em On Down” – and in our next shuddering edition of Nothin’ But The Blues, you’ll not only hear that famous tune from Bukka White – but a bunch of other Blues on the subject of shakin’ what your mama gave you.

Some subjects in the Blues are far more obvious – and more common – than shakin’ and this week, you’ll hear songs about those as well.
Drinkin’, for example, is as easy to find in the Blues as a good man feelin’ bad. This week I’ll be tending the bar to pour a few Blues shots of especially fine vintage.
But don’t worry. Alexa will be your designated driver.

Stories on the subject of doin’ wrong are also common and you’ll hear some of them as well, including a particularly humorous one from Elvin Bishop.
Less obvious, are Blues about telephones – but they’re certainly there, for those who care to look.
Among them, is a saucy little double-entendre Blues on the subject from 1930. (Yes, kiddies, they did have phones back then.)

Yeah, I know. How do we fit all that into one concise hour of wildly compelling radio? Arc up the Bluetooth on Saturday at noon (CST) and I promise, you’ll find out.
If you can’t make it then, check-in for the special encore edition, next Wednesday night at 7pm (CST).
Dig you later, agitator!

And as always, thanks for listening.

Gideon Rhyme – Cultural Detective


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