The Rhyme Report 24th March 2017

24 March 2017 Blues Music Chicago Blues Delta Blues Jump Blues Nothin' But The Blues Rhyme Report

Greetings Gisters,

Things that make you go Mmmm…

I had to wonder about this one. It could hardly be mere coincidence but if this were and episode of say, ‘Sesame Street’, it would be brought to you by the letter ‘M’.

Let’s see, we have Blues about Men, about Mojos, about Mishaps and Misadventure – and Blues about – Monkeys. Don’t be too quick to laugh. You’d be surprised at just how many Blues song there are about those tree-swingin’, banana-chompin’, faeces-flingin’, furry little miscreants.

We’ll barely be scratching the surface, I swear.
Of course there’s plenty of Blues about Men, too – but if I can point to one favourite I’m happy to include, its the Gypsy Blues song called, “Men” by Mic Conway’s National Junk Band, sung by the now, sadly missed Judy Backhouse (aka Ukulele Lola). Down Trés Le Parque way, Mic Conway (and his harmonica playing brother, Jim) have been big favourites since the heady days of The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band in the 19and70s.

They helped to spark a young Cultural Detective’s intrigue – and then enduring deep affection for the majesty of Jug Band Blues.

In light of our recent loss of legendary Bluesman and Rock ’n’ Roll pioneer, Chuck Berry, you’ll hear a song from his long time piano man, Johnnie Johnson, that is bound to bring a smile to your face, on the subject of watching your step.

You’ll also hear a classic song from Dave Bartholomew, one of the architects of New Orleans music and a long-time collaborator of Fats Domino’s. It’s a telling observation of humanity from the intellectual perspective of the Monkey from which Mankind has reportedly evolved. Only, for a change, it’s the Monkey who’s dissing the proposition.


I asked Alexa about the significance, or other wise of the “M” but she reminded me that Muse starts with an M.

Perhaps, I was Merely Mistaken, Mostly Misguided or Momentarily, Making Mountains of Molehills.

I gotta get me a Mojo. And that reminds me, you’ll be hearing some Blues about them as well.


So, how do we fit all that into one concise hour of wildly compelling wireless? Channel your inner Bluetooth on Saturday at noon (CST) and I guarantee, you’ll find out.

If you can’t make it then, check-in for the special encore edition, next Wednesday night at 7pm (CST).


Later, agitator!

And as always, thanks for listening.

Gideon Rhyme  –  Cultural Detective


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