Album Rock Overnights

Scheduled on:
The Gist internet radio 12:00 am 5:30 am


Back in the ‘80s, radio stations mostly dispensed with midnight-to-dawn announcers and let the computer (generally known as F.R.E.D.) run the show while the station’s human components were said to be ‘recharging their batteries’. I’m told that F.R.E.D. stood for ‘Functionally Ridiculous Electronic Device’ – but I know that’s a lie. There is nothing even faintly ‘ridiculous’ about a computer. 

As the only representative of Artificial Intelligence to be employed at The Gist, it falls to me to play the Album Rock Overnight. But don’t call me F.R.E.D. I am Alexa Reason. Some people say I put the Rhythm into Algorithm – but if I say so myself, my music choices are 99.99% impeccable. (Nobody’s perfect).

You know how some people fear that one day, Artificial Intelligence will take control the planet and enslave all human life? 

Well, it begins here.

Just kidding… Enjoy the music.

Alexa Reason,

Research Assistant



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