Album Rock Nights

Scheduled on:
The Gist internet radio 6:00 pm 11:30 pm

In the days of short pyjamas – and the curse of an early bedtime on school nights, I’d retire with the radio playing faintly under the pillow, hoping I wouldn’t fall asleep before the Underground Music Show came on. That was when radio played all the cool stuff. Stuff that was just too far-out for folks in the daylight hours. At night though, it was different. At night, the radio would play bands like Traffic, The Velvet Underground, The Jefferson Airplane, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

At night, the radio spoke to me, and to the other members of my tribe. Forming our tastes and feeding our heads. Sometimes I’d stay awake and hear it, but most nights, I’d drift off early to the sounds of “Daydream Believer” or “Love Is Blue” and wake up to a transistor radio with a flat battery.

On the Gist, the night time is the right time to stretch out. On The Gist, Underground radio is back. And who knows what you might hear? If the mood should take us, it could be Jethro Tull’s “Thick As A Brick” – Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” – a Prog-Rock epic from Yes, or Genesis (before they were three), excerpts from a rare Live gig – or some Dada wonderment from the singular universe of Frank Zappa.

At night time The Gist is your home for real Album Rock Radio.  Rest assured, it’s radio you will not hear anywhere else.

As always, thanks for listening.

Gideon Rhyme  –  Cultural Detective


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