Album Rock Mornings

Scheduled on:
The Gist internet radio 6:00 am 12:00 pm

The Internet is a big, bustling, vibrant village. Some of us work – and live here.

We have access to online stores that we visit and buy from, 24/7. We do our banking here, we read books, magazines and newspapers here. We connect and interact on a variety of social platforms. We watch movies and enjoy any number of activities which are likewise available in the physical realm.

Stands to reason then, that our digital village should also have it’s own dedicated, commercial radio station – to entertain and inform the many of us who live, work, play here. And to present a national advertising strategy to those who operate their business here.

Here at The Gist, we love radio. We love Album Oriented Rock. And we love presenting the best of it to our growing audience – all around Australia.

Our claim, is that The Gist is a Real Music Station that actually plays Real Music. Our pledge, is to surprise – and to entertain. All day. Every day.

As always, thanks for listening.

The Gist Team



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