The Rhyme Report 7th March 2017

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Greetings Gisters,

Casual visitors to our leafy little village, here on the outskirts of Internetville could just about miss Trés Le Parque. It’s at the corner of 56th and Wabasha, and only slightly obscured by a big ol’ street billboard advertising the local radio station down on Main Street: thegist.net.au

Today, however, as I set out for my usual morning perambulation, I noticed the billboard was displaying a new sign. Next to the picture of a big cake, festooned with an abundance of burning candles was the message: “Happy Birthday, Gideon Rhyme – Cultural Detective (…as heard on Nothin’ But The Blues)”. In the bottom corner of the poster, was the unmistakeable radio station logo of The Gist.

I immediately ceased my casual ambling – and began to strut. And why not? It’s good to be King.

Yet, life goes on – and this coming Saturday on thegist.net.au, you’ll hear another exciting new instalment of, Nothin’ But The Blues.

As a heads-up on what to expect, let’s start with, nothin’. Many folk who experience the Blues first-hand, will do so because they have nothin’. And as the great sage (and patron saint of NBTB), Bob Dylan once said, “Too much of nothing, can make a man feel ill at ease.” He also said “When you ain’t got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose.”

And because the show is called, Nothin’ But The Blues – nothin’ seemed like a pretty good idea. So you’ll be hearing some Blues about, well, …nothin’.

You may not think it likely, but the Blues also has plenty to say about food and you’ll be hearing a few songs on that subject as well, including a great story about a Cuban Sandwich. (Did you know, The Cuban Sandwich originated in Florida? Funny, how we had to visit a New York café called The Castle Of The Jaguar to get one, though.) Anyhoo, we have some Blues songs for you about food. So, eat-up!

As well, you’ll get an introduction to one of ‘The Three Kings of Blues Guitar’. In future shows, I’ll introduce you to the work of the two other ‘Kings’ – but this time, it’ll be the Texas Cannonball, Freddie King.

I got to see Freddie in concert around this time in 1975 – and it remains in my memory, one of the greatest Blues shows I’ve ever attended. (Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee being on the same bill was an additional bonus!)

But, I digress…

Also in this week’s NBTB you’ll hear some songs about the ‘News’, including a tongue-in-cheek dig at a certain, well-known music publication by Dion. Remember him? Yeah, you do. “Runaround Sue”? “The Wanderer”? “Abraham, Martin & John”? That Dion. Well, some of you, no doubt, will be surprised to learn that he’s still making some great records today.

Yeah, I know. How do we fit all that into one concise hour of compellingly entertaining radio? Tune in this Saturday at noon (CST) to find out.

And if you can’t make it then, check-in for the special encore, next Wednesday night at 7pm (CST).

As always, thanks for listening.

Your Pal,

Gideon Rhyme  –  Cultural Detective




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